Richard Calvocoressi (Director of The Henry Moore Foundation, previously Director of the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art)
Like all her work, it is of the highest quality. I would go so far as to say that Caroline is one of the top five or six lettercutters working in Britain today.

Matthew Burt (Furniture designer)
She shows an understanding and sympathy with the nuance of lettering that only the exceptional possess. The level of her engagement, the subtlety of her interpretation of a brief, her sensitivity to the word and her empathy with the material into which the word is to be displayed, separates her from the majority of letter carvers.

Humphrey Stone (Book Designer)
I can't get over the beauty of your lettering on the beech wood.

Cathy Gaynor
We took the boys and their cousins to see the headstone and for a service of blessing yesterday and we were struck anew by how utterly beautiful it is. Its even wonderful to touch.The more I look at other tombstones, the more I realise how wonderful Pa's is; thank you more than I can say.